Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sand And Smirnoff In Your Shoes

So for some reason good art never comes to Sydney anymore. Not even Melbourne. Not even Canberra!

QLD, once known to most of us as home of the Maroons, The Big Pineapple and post HSC debauchery. Now instead of their gutters flowing with the sickly sweet smell of barely digested vodka cruisers, they are playing host to some of the biggest art exhibitions to hit Australia in recent years. For example, Andy Warhol's retrospective earlier this year featuring over 300 of the man's most recognisable aesthetic endevours. Now, it's saying hello to a grandiose Picasso retrospective. Featuring numerous pieces from the artist's own private collection, as well as over 80 well known originals and documentary photographs, it's got me a little curious as to just how much coin class of 07 dropped into the pokies/pockets of these guys

Sure, i can maybe understand why its not in Melbourne, cause you know when this happened?or maybe you remember when this happened?

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