Wednesday, June 11, 2008


American Apparel have been spitting out more tit than a baby on the end of an empty udder, and with their recent ad campaigns even making use of a professional pornstars there's no telling when or if it will ever end. Truth be told it has paid off, with it's Sydney store soon to open and its net profit worldwide totalling some $211 million. Is any fuss necessary? Thoughts around the water cooler seem to be a little varied as to the depiction of women in the campaign, having noted on one blog the highly quotable following passage, in regards to use of a "heroin chic" aesthetic:

So what does this image say? “Hi I’m Natalie, I’m an eighteen year old who just loves American Apparel! By not wearing any top and laying in a passive way I’m suggesting that I’m submissive. Being submissive is so much fun, guys will buy you nice things and you don’t have to think at all! Notice how my eyes are sort of droopy and how it appears I’m not interested? I just did shitloads of heroin. Heroin is really wicked because it keeps my weight down, because really I wouldn’t have gotten this modeling job if I didn’t have a BMI below my age.”

I can't really comment on any of the above because i lack the required estrogen, but needless to say it makes for a pretty interesting insight into current advertising trends, such as the increase in use of naked boobs to sell things which cover them. A related article for those concerned with the current state of all things tits and nips, can be found HERE

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