Friday, June 27, 2008

Cars For Ishtar

Givenchy and local label Toni Maticevski supply the threads for this shoot by Australia's own Georges Antoni. Featured in the new Oyster magazine that I picked up flying out of Melbourne yesterday, the baby in the backseat gives the image an extreme poignancy re: the current issues of gay marriage, whilst the cross hanging from the mirror is echoing the evident awareness of catholicism that resounds within Australia as the papal visit draws ever nearer. The androgynous appeal of the child's two cold companions destroys the stereotyped butch femme dichotomy, whilst also supplying the resident teen-libertine-come-fashion-student-come-hipster Oyster audience with a healthy dose of Ballardian chic, both conceptually and in aesthetics as seen in this 1985 cover of J.G. Ballards' Crash. The photo is also quite good.

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