Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hedi Slimane Frame

Hedi Slimane has taken a short (hopefully) hiatus from design, and is now most accessible to most of us through his photography. He's releasing a book in a few days to co-incide with his MUSAC exhibition entitled Rock Diary, with photos that are featured on his website.

Promising a monochromatic musical journey the book plus exhibition will no doubt overtly euphamise the people and places that make up the worlds ever so potent musical vogue.

Some think that the only knowledge required to operate these days is that pertaining to fashion and music, and although that's a fallacy pure as the driven snow, if it's your bag then Slimane's new book should really have you salivating at the eyeballs with your itchy trigger fingers priming for some glossy page turning.

CLICK HERE if you are keen to make a pre-order, and whilst you're there suss out some of the other books on offer, this one is of particular note, written by Jake and Dinos Chapman of YBA fame.

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