Monday, August 25, 2008


21 years of age, $40 000 000 made. Jared Seligman

A regular Brantley Foster, the man only just reached legal drinking age, but is already vice president of the prestigious Corcoran group and is soon to be earning the kind of coin that could buy you more than a few of the properties he's selling.
His 21st, which just came around just a couple of months ago, was celebrated with clients and friends the Olsen twins, Alison Mosshart, Jessica Stam and no doubt several other babes whose digits are knocking about within his Blackberry.
Needless to say the kind of chic corporate majesty he's on his way for is rarely seen now that Gordon Gecko's on the out, but Jared's surely proving that power hunger is the most hip it's been since Wall Street 85-90, and that life is ok when after you seal the deal on a $5 million apartment to some young LA honey, you also know where you'll be heading that weekend for a housewarming.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The Supervisory are a design duo consisting of Paul Recalde and Don Kim, and according to their own website are 'completely unorthodox and not restricted by the convential standards of today's creative industries'. Arguable, as they don't seem to be as groundbreaking as that insinuates, but they still catch your eye with there glistening examples of great photography and apparently effortless post production. It's like rinsing your eyes out in a cold rain and then imagining the Delorean lead a heard of ghostriders out of the storm clouds. Strictly Commercial.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Zena Holloway

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Mike showed me this

Sydney's Four Seasons Hotel has just launched a water menu at its Kable's restaurant. Featuring expensive water's from all over the globe, such as India, Norway and NZ it's a fine time for any big midnight oil fan greenie to get up on there 100% recycled soap box and vomit up their latest spiel re: conserving water or how H20 is becoming a commodity or stopping global warming or killing less whales but lets face it, they aren't killing the blue ones, or the beluga's, so really whats the fuss? The cool ones are still down there hopping scotch through the streets of Mu. Point is what could be deemed by some (cough Warren 'Boring' Buffet cough) as a gross missapplication of funds, is definately the kind of high level consumerism that Australia needs in order to stop all the bright sparks heading over to Europe or America cause its "better" over there.

Patrick Bateman and his buddies had a soft spot for Evian or Perrier, but now in the new millenium we are far from restrained to two high-end waters. Be it still or sparkling, low sodium content or a high minerality, there is definately a space in the market for connoisseurs of H20. The most expensive bottle available at Kable's is the afore-pictured 420, from New Zealand, setting you back about a dollar a mL, thats $100 a litre. The fact that somewhere someone decided that it was worth that much is almost as spectacular as the headstrong approach taken by The Four Season's in shipping it over here and putting it on the menu.

Everyone knows what your thinking, and no, bottled water ISN'T necessarily better for you than tap, unless another dog winds up in Warragamba, but as consumers i think it's fair to demand to be spoilt for choice (especially as in Australia, we never are). It's good to finally find a niche market where we can display our sense of taste and our affluence more blatantly than ever before.

For all your watery needs: Fine Waters

Saturday, August 2, 2008