Monday, March 2, 2009

The Helmut Newton Foundation

Marie Claire, 1973

Nova, 1973

Got back from Berlin/London last week, one of Berlins greatest modern cultural attractions has to be the Helmut Newton Foundation. Magazine clippings, Helmut Newton's personal camera and prop collection as well as huge lifesize prints, works by Alice Springs and an extremely well stocked Taschen bookstore are what's discovered upon entry, which is free if you find yourself there on a Thursday night between 6 and 10pm. Curated by Dr. Matthias Harder, a man with a somewhat encyclopaedic knowledge of photography (in particular that from Germany), it's definately one of the most impressively cohesive artist based museums(especially when you've just been to the comparitively boring Salvador Dali museum which only recently opened in Berlin's forward thinking Postdamer Platz).

Currently showing is the exhibition Helmut Newton: Fired, containing work that was produced after being fired from French vogue for failing to adher to an apparent obligation he had to remain monogomaus to the publication.

Helmut Newton Foundation
Jebensstrasse 2
D - 10623 Berlin

Phone +49 30 3186 4856
Fax +49 30 3186 4855


P.s. A couple of photo's of the visit can be found somewhere here in the archives.

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