Monday, March 23, 2009


Colby Bird, Ring Flash Self-Portrait with $6 Champagne-Wrapping Gold Teeth, 2006

There'll be more extensive news soon. In the meantime check out Colby Bird try get swagger like us at CRG if your in the area. Known for his highly conceptual sculpture and artistic obsession with hip-hop, it'll probably be pretty interesting, starts this Saturday the 28th at CRG Gallery in NYC.

If you can't get into that, some bands that have some new things in the works that could be good can be found at the following links:

Emperor Machine
In Flagranti

Or just check a tumblr or two, here's mine that no one ever looks at, and here's some other's that are more accessible. Ffffound owes them a couple of dollars for sure.

Yimmy's Yayo

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