Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taryn Simon

Playboy, Braille Edition

The art collection of the C.I.A., cryogenic freezing units, braille editions of premier men's mag Playboy and the only legal marijuana crop in America. These are but some of the images found within Taryn Simon's investigative and particularly interesting portfolio. Plunging into her work like a dead weight in a deep ocean, Simon manages to colour in between the lines created by countless inquistive conversations and considerations.

Her work currently hangs on the walls of a few galleries around the globe, most notably at The Photographers Gallery in London until April 12, as a contender for the The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, the Met in NY until March 22 as part of Reality Check: Truth and Illusion in Contemporary Photography and as of tomorrow, the OK Centre for Contemporary Art (Linsz, Austria) till April 26th as part of the Biennale Cuvée.

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