Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Berghain, located in a converted power plant

Possibly be heading to the Germanic capital next week. Places of interest so far include the Berghain nightclub in Friedrichshain, the current home of European techno, considering the relative simmer down that the Tresor has encountered due to its change of venue. Upstairs in Berghain hangs the photographic work of Turner Prize winner Wolfgang Tillman looming over a dancefloor with a ceiling so high you may as well be outside. Downstairs on the bottom floor, in true Eurotrash style, the Berghain features a dark room generally reserved for sexual or otherwise illicit encounters (the kind of place you'd find yourself swinging like a rusty gate, tongue deep in a close friend after too many absinthes). As well as an amazing exterior and music deeper and darker than the rabbit hole, it's considered quite unfashionable to arrive before at least 3AM, and the club operates a 24 hour licence so don't be suprised if upon your exit you find the sun setting as opposed to rising.

As for the Tresor, it's still operating today albeit on less hallowed grounds. On the 14th of Feb what might be the first of a few Adventure Circus Club will be in full swing, promising "an excursion into a world of pantomime, machine-beings, acrobatics and shadow dancers that, next to extensive displayed visuals will provide an unforgettable adventure". Something I don't doubt, with the interior of the club as industrious as it is.

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