Friday, December 5, 2008

Magazine Fiends

Spread from Paradis Magazine Issue #4

A magazine subscription can be the perfect Christmas gift to bestow upon friends or family. So, in order to pre-lick your fingers for the holiday season, BusyBeingBetter has compiled a list of several publications that will remind you once again of why you gloat over gloss.

Dazed and Confused (UK)£75 p.a.
Not to be confused with its lesser Australian counterpart, the UK version of Dazed is quite a well balanced representative of the alt vox populi. Even if you find it can't impress you with reviews of the young brit-pop stars of tomorrow, there's at least one obscure reference made per issue thats worth a wiki.

Paradis Magazine30,00€ per issue
The one thats taken top spot on my own Christmas wish-list, Paradis Magazine is a bi-annual publication with an archive only 4 issues deep. Distributed in both French and the Queen's English, dense sections of prose have so far articulated the life and times of Damien Hirst, Rupert Murdoch and Simon De Pury to name but three. No cheap thrills here, Paradis lay the pulp to rest and opt for opulence.

Gotham Magazine US$70 p.a.
Heavily NYC orientated, Gotham is the magazine you'd be reading if you found yourself twixt the glammer and glitz of anything Josh Schwartz has lent his production talents to. A mature outlook on the best the Big Apple has to offer.

Forbes 17 issues for US$19.99
It's no guarantee but if you're brushing breadcrumbs off the pages of Forbes whilst you tuck into your toast, your shares are going to be moving on up. Or given current conditions, falling less fast.

Alaska Magazine £25.00 per issue
A photography publication for those who demand a little more than a combination of Google image, FFFFound and some Tumblr's in your favourites, Alaska is more of a book than a magazine. Again, it's bi-annual, so I don't know if it's safe to call it the gift that keeps on giving, but it showcases fresh photographic talent from all 4 corners of the globe in a crisp graphic-conscious format that could easily outstay its welcome on your coffee table if you pushed it.

Russian Vogue ??????
Yes, Vogue Russia. With Anna Wintour's reign over the fashion mega-mag due to come to a close any day now, all eyes are on Aliona Doletskaya, editor-in-chief of Russian Vogue. Her editorial skills are hard to fathom when you can't read any of the articles, but Russia has it's finger on the pulse and features generally 100% original content, only sharing perhaps one shoot with it's US sibling per issue. It should be noted that Russian Vogue also boasts higher paper quality and printing resolution for the videophiles.

Purple Fashion Magazine 64.00 € p.a. (2 issues)
Purple magazine, curiously created as an 'anti-fashion' magazine of the earl 90's is anything but. Bi-annually released, each issue comes with an artist book, arguably more valuable than the magazine itself, which is so thick it's more of a tome. Artist books to date have included Terry Richardson, Hedi Slimane, Dash Snow and Juergen Teller.

For those discontent with culture rags, hit the above link for all you could ever want and then some re: homemade zines. From design, to fanzines to even lofi porn pulp all you need to do is let the links point you in the right direction. A lot of content to get through, so if your down for the independent press and have no desire to better yourself through contemporary knowledge, dive into the piles of pages that await!

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