Monday, December 1, 2008

Hipgnosis, the design firm that spawned such timeless album covers as Pink Floyds 'Dark Side Of The Moon' and Led Zeppelins 'Houses Of The Holy' are in town (well, Storm Thorgerson is) for an exhibition opening this Thursday at Paddington's Global Gallery. Featuring prints that span Thorgerson's 40 years in the industry, the inspiration literally drips off the walls (just ask KROZM). If your mind isn't buzzing after a quick lap around the premises, it's time to suit up and ship out to an office cubicle somewhere, strap in and slave over some spreadsheets or something.

The Works Of Storm Thorgerson
Global Gallery 5 Comber st. Paddington
Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm
Sunday 12pm to 4pm

(Drinks and BBQ with the artist, 2pm Saturday 6th Dec)

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