Monday, August 25, 2008


21 years of age, $40 000 000 made. Jared Seligman

A regular Brantley Foster, the man only just reached legal drinking age, but is already vice president of the prestigious Corcoran group and is soon to be earning the kind of coin that could buy you more than a few of the properties he's selling.
His 21st, which just came around just a couple of months ago, was celebrated with clients and friends the Olsen twins, Alison Mosshart, Jessica Stam and no doubt several other babes whose digits are knocking about within his Blackberry.
Needless to say the kind of chic corporate majesty he's on his way for is rarely seen now that Gordon Gecko's on the out, but Jared's surely proving that power hunger is the most hip it's been since Wall Street 85-90, and that life is ok when after you seal the deal on a $5 million apartment to some young LA honey, you also know where you'll be heading that weekend for a housewarming.

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