Monday, July 28, 2008


As a youth, countless hours were spent at Powerhouse Museum, trying to play ode to joy on the huge keyboard in the floor, eating hot chips in a room illuminated by Ken Done's own distinctively Australian palette and learning the secrets of Tesla's Plasma Lamps (still unaware of what happens if you break the glass. Contributions welcome). It's appearance in Sydney is never to be undervalued.

This August, the Powerhouse Museum presents another edition of Sydney's Design week, entitled "Modern Times: The Untold Story Of Modernism In Australia". Should be heaps heaps sick, indulging us all in rare photographs and insights into the Modernist culture found within Australia whilst our general knowledge compasses point infuriatingly north.

Opens 8 August
Powerhouse Museum

In the spirit of design week, a symposium is set to be held re: the influence of Modernism on 21st century culture. Definately worthwhile for anyone interested in any kind of interesting progression in design, or any field. The lameness of the Biennale's MCA component should be enough to get anyone worried about the future being at all interesting.

Symposium: Modern Times, Untold Stories of Modernism
8 August, 1-5pm
$30 Concession, $55 Otherwise from Moshtix

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