Saturday, May 31, 2008


Whilst we are within the vicinity of of musical critique, (just watch this segway unfold) THIS link may be of note for all you fans of the The Knife, or the general notion of sending some sonic saw-tooth direct into space.

The project has a broad aim of contacting alien life, however i think its evident to most of those involved that the project is purely so the musicians can have "message to space" listed on discogs. Lyrical content should be interesting, if any, but i think the most important part of this project is that people are still spending lots of money on extremely unecessary tasks. In all seriousness, this kind of financial looseness is rarely seen these days, with more importance placed on economical viability and fund management, less on extremely expensive gold detailing in your penthouse apartment.

Point being made is, buy a 200 dollar car and spend the other 1800 bux on either these shoes or these shoes depending on your sex, because its better to blow some cash with aspirations for a dancefloor in space, than dwindle your funds on second hand fun.

(NB shoes mentioned are from Chanel and Raf Simons respectively, still available in stores and online)

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